Cheap Alternatives to Loans Online – You may also want to consider this

Family loan - ask your relatives

Borrowing money online is not always your only or best option. In this article we will look at the cheaper and more unconventional alternatives that you should consider.

Especially if you have a small need for money from USD 1,000 – 10,000, you often have several cards on hand. See what you can consider as an alternative form of financing in this article.

Family loan – ask your relatives

Family loan - ask your relatives

The first and best option you should consider is the so-called family loan. You can borrow money from your family, it can be a sister, brother or your parents. You may be missing $ 2-3,000 in your account, but your parents can often help you.

It is worth checking out, as you do not have to sign agreements and comply with strict payment deadlines. Here, determine in-house amount and then you can probably be allowed to repay the money when it suits YOU.

There are certain rules that apply to these family loans that you should know about to do it correctly. This is especially important for larger amounts of money.

You can see more about the legal rules here.

Fast loan – a good monthly contribution

Fast loan - a good monthly contribution

Another and often cheaper alternative may be the loan. Of course, this applies only to people in education, but conversely these are often in the target group for the loan providers online.

Here you can receive a grant of USD 3,078 (2017) per month for your existing support. It’s not much, but certainly enough if you’re just missing a little each month. Choosing this solution also in sures that you do not spend all your money too quickly.

The risk will be too many young people if you eg. takes up with her loan of USD 10,000 Unfortunately, even if you have good intentions, the statistics show that many young people find it more difficult to manage their wealth and budget. You run the risk of going this route.

You have several alternatives to apply online.

You have several alternatives to apply online.

We have deliberately chosen to fail the bank in this context, as it will be a battle without equal. And since we believe both the family and the loan are easier and at least as cheap alternatives.


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